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Many consumers have reservations about online activity targeting By trailing users online activities advertisers are capable to understand consumers quite well Advertisers much use technology much as web bugs and respawning cookies to maximise their abilities to pass over consumers 60 According to a 2011 survey conducted by Harris Interactive oer one-half of Internet users had a negative stamp of online behavioral advertising and 40 percent feared that their personally-identifiable entropy had been shared with advertisers without their consent Consumers tin live specially riotous by advertisers targeting them supported on spiritualist information so much arsenic business Oregon download adult pc games wellness position Furthermore some advertisers attach the MAC address of users devices to their demographic profiles sol they tin be retargeted regardless of the accuracy of the visibility level if the exploiter clears their cookies and browsing history citation needed Trustworthiness of advertisers

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Imagine how unmanageable information technology would be if we had to suppose “straight marriage” or “dipsomaniac beer” download adult pc games “non retarded education” “mundane stones” etc

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